A Rebel Heart (The Daughtry House Series #1) by Beth White | Historical Romance Review

A Rebel Heart (The Daughtry House Series #1) by Beth White

The Daughtry House Series #1
Historical Romance

Five years after the final shot was fired in the War Between the States, Selah Daughtry can barely manage to keep herself, her two younger sisters, and their spinster cousin fed and clothed. With their family's Mississippi plantation swamped by debt and the Big House falling down around them, the only option seems to be giving up their ancestral land--until a hotel management agent for the railroad offers her hope for the future.

If she'll turn her home into a hotel, Levi Riggins says, he can all but guarantee it will be saved. Selah isn't sure she entirely trusts the handsome Yankee. Yet what other options does she have? She'll have to stay on her guard . . . but she never expected to have to guard her heart.

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My Thoughts

The Civil War was such an ugly hard thing for our country. Families were divided. The nation was torn in two. A Rebel Heart brings us a tale of  one group of people working to repair and rebuild not only structures but relationships.

Selah Daughtry and her two sisters and cousin are barely eeking out an existance on their family's plantation. The main house is in a deplorable state of disrepair, the slaves have been set free, and all sorces of income have dwindled to nothing. Despite all of the obsticles Selahh is determined to retain her family's estate but her options are quickly narrowing to one. And that isn't the one she was hoping for.

What was intriguing about this book was the reminder that the after effects of war are nothing new. PTSD was a thing even though it wasn't called that. Former enemies had to find a way to make peace to move beyond the conflict. All that we see in our current situations were present then, maybe in a different form due to the time-frame, but present all the same.

I thought that it was easy to connect with Selah and her sisters and cousin. They each found themselves struggling to find their place between the past and the future. Relationships can be hard, but they are always worth investing in.

If you like historical fiction, especially Civil War era then I think you'll enjoy this book. There's a bit of romance to lighten the dire subject matter but it doesn't fluff the story too much. This first book focuses on Selah, but there are more books planned in the series that will focus on the other women in the story. I'm looking forward to reading them all.

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