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Burden of Proof by Davis Bunn

Davis Bunn
Fiction/Time Travel

The one thing he needs is a second chance. But it's the one thing he can never get--or so he thinks.

A few months before his twenty-first birthday, Ethan missed the chance to save his brother's life. Adrian was murdered on the steps of the courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Ever since that fateful day, Ethan has sensed a deep disconnect between the man he should have been and the one he has become. His days play out a beat too slow, his mind rehashing the scene of his failure again and again.

When Adrian's widow appears, asking for his help in uncovering what was really behind his brother's death, Ethan is stunned. The legal case they were pursuing was more far-reaching than he could have imagined--it could even threaten the global power structure.

Ethan joins the search for answers at the ultimate cost. As he enters into his own past, will he discover a means to redeem the future?

My Thoughts

I usually don't enjoy books that have an element of science fiction in them. I find that I spend my time being skeptical and not able to just lose myself in the story. Burden of Proof isn't overly science fictiony but it does have an element of time travel in it. Once again Davis Bunn has made me rethink my snubbing of this genre.

We all have regrets in life that given the chance we would change. In Burden of Proof  Ethan Barrett is living with overwhelming regrets. But out of the blue he is given the chance for a do-over. He's transported back to a time just before his biggest regret. The story of how he changes things is heartbreaking and beautiful. 

I enjoyed this story so much that I really didn't even think about it being a time travel story. It was clever at times, incredibly sad at times, and joyous throughout. Without giving anything away let me tell you a secret I learned just in case I ever time travel . . .buy stock in Apple and Nintendo! (That's the clever part.)

Davis Bunn is a talented author and I've enjoyed every book of his that I've read. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is now my favorite. Not everyone has the opportunity for a do over with some of their deepest regrets but we can probably all relate to the family dynamics that this story explores. If you enjoy a story that will tug at your heartstrings, pick this one up!

Connect With The Author

Davis Bunn

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Revell to facilitate my review.


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