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The Florence Legacy by Lauraine Snelling

Contemporary Fiction

As the last will of a close friend is read, three women discover that they have inherited a legacy from her: the funds to take a dream trip to Florence, Italy, in her memory. With plenty of hilarious travel mishaps along the way, this book is a story of deep friendship, of making room in our lives to celebrate and remember, of grief, of the realization that friendship keeps the memory alive, and the sweet discovery of unexpected romance.

My Thoughts

A trip to Italy to see the David has been on the top of Breeanna's bucket list. It seemed to always get pushed back but through the generous gift of a friend it finally looked like it would happen. But will the needs of her grown children be once again put first?

I enjoy reading stories from Lauraine Snelling because they feel real. Maybe not your story but certainly someone you know. The characters and situations aren't always rosy nor are they completely tragic. They are just real. Ever have a plugged toilet after regular service hours? It's in this story. How about someone new that you're possibly interested in being the one to help with the plugged toilet situation. Yep! That's included too.

By the way that's all happening back home while Breeanna is trying to enjoy her trip of a lifetime. And what a trip it was. I would have liked to be on the journey with her. Lots of caprese salad and gelato for dessert. That's my kind of  food. Add in all the amazing sights and it truly was the trip of a lifetime.

But of course a mom never stops being a mom. Weighing heavy on Breeanna is all the drama from home. Would this trip help her set some healthy boundaries for her own life? The journey through that is a struggle, but it's a struggle worth having. 

If you're looking for a relatable story give this one a try. (Or any of Lauraine Snelling's books for that matter!) As I turned the last page I was left wanting to take such an epic adventure as well as being thankful that God chose to bless us with messy but oh so lovely relationships. 

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I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review.


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