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Literary Critters by Sophie Corrigan

Sophie Corrigan
Juvenile Fiction (ages 4-8)

Literary Critters is a truly unique picture book, introducing young readers to classic literary figures and encouraging them to use their imaginations. As William Shakesbear visits his fellow Literary Critter Guild members, he’s greeted with lots of advice from his author friends and has some adventures along the way.

William Shakesbear

My Thoughts

Children's books are meant to be read over and over. That's why in our house we appreciate books that appeal to the child and the adult. I'm especially drawn to clever children's books. And this one fits that description to a T. 

William Shakesbear is needing some ideas for a new play. When nothing comes to him he sets off on a journey to visit some of his literary critter friends for some inspiration. Among his friends are Mole Dahl, Crane Austen, Beatrix Trotter, Edgar Talon Crow, Yak Kerouac, C.S. Shrewis and Langston Mews. Along the way they each give pieces of advice but nothing quite resonates until he meets up with Chicktor Hugo. 

This book is such a brilliant way to introduce our littles to some literary giants and spark a love of reading and writing their own stories. The artwork is absolutely darling. If you are fans of the Pugtato series of books then you are already familiar with the author. (If not you should check those books out too.) We think it would make a wonderful addition to your home library.

Literary Critters Guild


I was provided a copy of this book to facilitate my review.


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