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Second Time Around by Melody Carlson

Second Time Around
Contemporary Romance

When Mallory Farrell inherits her grandmother's run-down tourist shop in Portside, Oregon, she knows selling it is the only sensible thing to do. The place holds treasured memories for her, but it would take a fortune to restore it.

But when she learns that her childhood crush, Grayson Matthews, wants to buy the building to redevelop the funky town's business district into a soulless, cookie-cutter outdoor mall, Mallory digs in her heels. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of help, she is sure she can renovate the property herself.

Though Mallory makes incredible progress turning the store into an eclectic home decor shop, she's heartbroken when an exciting opportunity turns into a guaranteed nightmare. Should she surrender her dreams to Grayson's bulldozers? Or is there a future for both of them in this charming seaside town?

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My Thoughts

Second Time Around is the perfect summer read. The setting is in the beautiful yet fading coastal town of Portside, Oregon. The main character is Mallory Farrell who is an empty-nester in need of a new adventure in life. Of course there has to be a romantic interest and that role is filled by Grayson Matthews. He is Mallory's long ago crush that still manages to make her blood pressure rise . . .in both good and bad ways.

I'm an empty-nester as well so I could relate to Mallory's struggles with starting a new chapter in life. Haven't we all gotten ourselves into something that seemed like a good idea only to have it become a disaster? On top of that Mallory gets the added bonus of Grayson coming back into her life. To put it mildly that's a blessing and a curse.

Don't worry about the subject matter being depressing, it isn't! Melody Carlson has the perfect touch when it comes to writing contemporary romance. You certainly understand the struggles of the characters but you can also enjoy their victories.

This is another winner for Melody Carlson. If you want an interesting summer read that's not too heavy and features a more mature leading lady I think you'll enjoy this one. 

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