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The Band That Played On by Steve Turner

 For those of you that love the Titanic history then The Band That Played On is the book for you. I loved this book. Turner's book is a look inside the lives of the eight musicians who played while the Titanic sunk. When I first started reading this book I was thinking what makes someone do this? I mean can you imagine playing music while you knew in moments you would be going down too. I guess you could say this was their performance of a lifetime!

What I love about this book was that Turner writes about the eight lives before the Titanic, how they were chosen, and their lives on the Titanic. While he tells all this he gives you a history timeline of what was going on. It was all so fascinating! If history books could be written this well we would not have to entice people to read them.

I have never read anything by Steve Turner before this book however; I will be looking forward to anything else he writes. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants real facts about the Titanic. It would also be a great book to get people interested in history. History should not be boring. It is only when history is poorly written that it becomes boring. I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

I received this book for review from Thomas Nelson. This review is my honest opinion.

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