A Frugal Vacation!

Summer is coming!! I was thinking of ways to vacation and do it on a budget. I would love any ideas you may have. Leave a comment with your ideas!


  1. Summer Stay-cations is the way to go! I was so surprised at how many local attractions that our family had never gone to!! Most aren't very expensive and when you plan a whole day (or weekend) of fun, it's great! We also went to many fairs, traveling shows, camping trips, etc. Also try camping in your backyard, having a family game or movie night. Summers are a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones and you don't need to spend a ton of money to do so!

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  2. Hello SAHM,
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    As for vacation ideas... my family (being a pastors family and my mother a stay at home mom) was always on a strict budget. We often did stay-cations as Kristin and Jaime mentioned. Searching out different places locally was always a ton of fun.. and of course having mom and dad home all day every day for a week was amazing!

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    As for budget vacatioins- we have a ton of waterparks here in AZ- we make a day of it - and then stay at a nearby hotel. Cheap and still in town- but even a weekend away from my house feels like a vacay! :)

  4. From your picture I'm guessing you're thinking of camping.. :) We love going camping but I can say that we use our camper and not a tent. I'm not that kind of green girl. I need a toilet.
    Camping is fun and there's parks everywhere that are fun for grown ups and kids. Locally, we love the Lone Star Yogi Park but there's Jellystone camps all over the country. :)

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  6. Love all the ideas! GreenTXmom I love Jellystone parks! Hmmm... I think that would be fun. We have never been camping with our two yr. old. I also love the idea of waterparks close by. Thanks everyone.

  7. If you want to stay in a hotel, try hotwire.com. For airfare, try expedia.com or priceline.com. Also, check out the city's webpage (if you're headed to a city) to see what free events are going on.

    Then again, there's always camping, which is pretty much the most frugal vacation ever. ;) And- there are some really gorgeous places to camp in the US, especially between our national and state parks!


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