Book Review: Forever After by Deborah Raney

 Forever After
Deborah Raney
Hanover Falls, Book 2
Christian Fiction
4 out of 5

Forever After is the second book in the Hanover Falls series. It follows Almost Forever. The story picks up a year after the tragic fire that devastated five families in Hanover Falls. This installment focuses in on the story of Jenna Morgan, the widow of fallen firefighter Zach Morgan. We also get to see where the year has taken Lucas Vermontez, an injured firefighter, and his family after the loss of their father.

Jenna is drowning in debt and makes the decision to sell her home and move in with her in-laws. Once she is in their house things go sour and she winds up leaving and moving in with her friend Bryn. Bryn is engaged to be married so the arrangement can only be temporary.

Jenna and Lucas meet again at a coffee shop and a relationship begins to develop. Through most of the book Jenna is a character that is hard to sympathize with, probably because you can see some of your own selfishness in her.  By the end of the story she has somehow endeared herself to you.

I really enjoy the writing style of Deborah Raney. Her characters are so interesting that they just draw you in. Even in the case of Jenna, where you really want to tell her to get over herself, you find yourself rooting for her to change. I highly recommend this newest release of Ms. Raney.

*I was provided a copy of the book by Howard Books  and Glass Road in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. A character that makes you want to give her advice, and still is endearing -- that's a well-drawn character :)
    Nice review!


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