Book review: An Unlikely Suitor by Nancy Moser

 An Unlikely Suitor
Nancy Moser
Historical Fiction
4 out of 5

This beautiful piece of historical fiction is set in the year 1895 and takes place in New York and Newport. It is about three women, sisters Lucy and Sofia Scarpelli and Lucy’s friend Rowena Langdon. The Scarpelli’s and the Langdon’s are from two very different worlds.

Lucy, her sister Sofia and their mother are dressmakers at Madame Moreau’s Fashion Emporium in New York. One day Rowena and her mother come in to have their summer wardrobes made for their season in Newport. Rowena had an accident early on in life that left one of her legs shorter than the other, which made her posture crooked and made her clothing hang badly on her. Upon seeing this Lucy comes up with a solution and a friendship ensues.

After Rowena and her family leave for the summer for Newport, Rowena devises a way to get Lucy to come to Newport with her.  Eventually Sofia and Mrs. Scarpelli are also summoned to Newport. While there Lucy, Sofia and Rowena find love interests.

I enjoy the way Nancy Moser incorporates historical facts into her story lines. In fact one of my favorite parts of the book is found in the back after the story. The author spells out chapter by chapter the fact from the fiction. It was very interesting to read over this part. It would be wonderful if more authors would do this with their historical fiction pieces. Two other bonuses to the book are the section on the fashion of the time frame, complete with pictures, and the discussion questions. My advice would be to peruse this section as you are reading. It would have been great to realize that it was there before the end of the book. As a dear friend would say, “Another good excuse for peaking at the ending!”

* I received a copy of this book for my review from Bethany House. This review is my own.

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  1. I also would appreciate that section at the back that lets you know what is fact and what is fiction; it would be particularly useful I think in books where some of the main characters are real historical figures.


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