Out of a Far Country by Christopher Yuan, Angela Yuan

Out of a Far Country
Christopher Yuan & Angela Yuan
Christian Living/Sexuality
2 out of 5

When I began this book I really thought that I was going to love it and recommend it to all of my friends. The foreword by Kay Warren is very thought provoking and the conversion experience of Angela Yuan brought me to tears. In fact most of the recounting of events by Angela was heart rending. As a mother I could relate to the desperation felt towards the helplessness you feel with your grown child’s decisions.

What I found myself growing increasingly annoyed at was the recounting of events by Christopher. I just felt such distaste at the way he told his story. It felt as if he were glorifying his prodigal years. The way he described his sexual encounters with complete strangers and his drug use made it sound like a recounting of his glory days.

The book is 204 pages long. Christopher’s story of his wandering years takes up the first 136 pages. In Chapter 22 he begins to tell about coming to Christ. Please don’t get me wrong, I do think that this is a story that should be told. I just don’t personally like the tone of it. I loved the parents’ part of the story, but Christopher’s part just seemed to dwell more on the illicit lifestyle he had than on the work God did in his life to redeem him.

I would have to classify this as one of those books that you will just have to read and decide for yourself how you feel about it.

*A review copy of this book was given to me by WaterBrook Press for my honest review of the work.   

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