Save tons on college text books. The RambleSAHM way!

 My hubby is Bio-Chem student and twice a year I dread buying or renting books because they are so expensive. This is his senior year and textbooks are not cheap! The best way to go is online where you can rent textbooks for a whole lot less then purchasing the book. The best priced rentals that we have found is!

Some thing to love about campus book rentals
  • FREE shipping BOTH WAYS

  • 30-Day Risk-Free Returns

  • Trusted Source Since 2007

  • Live Customer Support

  • Largest Selection in the Nation

  • Most Flexible Rental Periods, Period

  • They also have a Refer-A-Friend program where when you refer someone you get $5 and the others person gets 5% off their order!

    Last night Hubby and I compared campus book rentals, Neebo, Amazon, and our local bookstore. Campus book rentals were by far the best prices.

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    1. What a great idea. My daughter is an engineering student and her textbooks are ridiculously priced!


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