National Human Trafficking Day & #Giveaway for Deliver Me from Evil by Kathi Macias @alandkathi

HumanTrafficking is modern day slavery. There are more than 30 million slaves in the world today, more than at any other point in human history. You can check out this Slavery map to give you a better idea of this epidemic. For more information on Human Trafficking head over to Not for Sale
With today being National Human Trafficking Awareness Day this would be a good time for you to learn everything you can about this dark but necessary subject and then get involved! With that being said Author Kathi Macias has offered her book DeliverMe from Evil to help promote National Human Trafficking Day.This book will open your eyes...and your heart...and call you to action.
About Deliver Me from Evil:
DeliverMe from Evil introduces readers to Mara, an eighteen-year-old girl who has been enslaved for nearly ten years, having been sold by her parents in Mexico and then smuggled across the border into San Diego where she was forced into sexual slavery. Readers will also meet 18-year-old, Bible-college-bound Jonathan and his 16-year-old sister, Leah, whose paths cross Mara’s and who become involved in her dramatic rescue.

Interwoven between the stories of Mara, Jonathan, and Leah is the heartbreaking story of another young woman in captivity in the Golden Triangle of Thailand, whose past life mysteriously connects to the young people in San Diego.
To read the first two chapters from Deliver Me from Evil go here.

Book two Special Delivery will be out early March and you can preoder it here.
Author Kathi Macias is offering her book Deliver Me from Evil to one reader from Rambles of a SAHM.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered. US only.

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  1. Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me.

  2. I really had no idea.


  3. It's something you hear about in TV shows, but the reality never really hit me.

  4. I spent a couple of hours on a conference call on this topic, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security yesterday. It's a huge problem, but thankfully both government agencies and many churches and faith-based organizations are starting to band together to fight it. Together we can make a difference. Abolition!

  5. Kathi is an amazing writer and woman!

  6. Together we can make a difference. Super Bowl weekend publicity should help with awareness, too. Thank you for your strong advocacy for this issue.

  7. I had heard about Kathis book and through World magazine so didrealize the depth of the problem.

  8. Hard to believe this is happening. Thanks Kathi for bringing this horrible problem to light.

  9. I realize the enormity of the problem. I just finished a book on human trafficking myself. My horror was when I learned how many children are being abducted in the USA. I always thought of it as a third world problem.

    Glenda Parker

  10. I didn't realize it was such a problem! I will have to do some more reading!

  11. I'm starting to hear more and more about it and am realizing how bad it is.

  12. I have heard about it but don't think of it affecting anyone. I'm seeing more information to try to stop it which is great.

  13. Will have to get this book and read it. I have a organization that guides people in the right direction for help if they fear that their child has been sold for human trafficking.

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