Rambles and a Rant on Double Strollers

Don’t mind me just some rambles and a rant about strollers on this sunny Saturday.

So the other day I asked hubby to drop me off at our local Baby store so I could check out some double strollers. He decided to stay in the car with little M while I browsed around.

Well it didn’t take long! I checked out some of their baby outfits and then made my way to the back of the store where right on the first end cap was a Graco double stroller. It looked nice but unlike the rest of the strollers it was up to high for me to try out. I continued to walk around to the stroller isle to see what else they had. Well if you’re in the market for a single stroller they had a surplus to choose from. Every style of single stroller was there. I was starting to get a little disappointed. I mean even our local Target has three different double strollers to choose from.

I had one place left to check the clearance section…. I was thinking hey maybe they are getting in new models and there will be some on CLEARANCE! That would be a big fat NO! Granted this is a baby and toy combo store but COME ON!!!

Anyways, as I left disappointed it occurred to me how much I relay on product review bloggers and their honest opinions, videos, and photos. There are many Mom bloggers, baby websites, and reviews that I have taken for granted. Even on my website I try to always supply my readers with honest information so they can decide if it is a good fit for them as well. Until now I didn’t realize how important my job is.

So if you are in the market like me for a double stroller and since I have yet to review one. Let me point you to one of my favorite sites BabyGizmo.com! I came across this site by another mother and now I am hooked. She doesn’t just offer reviews of strollers but anything baby and family. I have now become familiar with many brands of strollers such as Phil&Teds, Moutain Buggy, Bugaboo, Zooper, Baby Jogger, Stroll Air, Bumbleride, Joovy, and many more!
So head on over to BabyGizmo.com to start drooling Mommas! In the mean time I will work on trying to review one of my own double strollers!

What kind of double stroller did you get? Do you like it? What kind of stroller do you recommend for a double stroller?


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