Graduation Dreams

Today my husband graduated from college and since then my little boy has been playing "graduation". It has made me think of how fast life goes. I seriously thought we would never get to this day and then the day comes and you think wow that went fast!
 I am sure sometime during the graduation ceremony my mother-in-law was thinking gosh wasn’t it just yesterday he was graduating from kindergarten!
During the ceremony I kept looking over at my three-year-old son thinking one day this will be you and I will be the mom of the graduate. Honestly, I am glad that day is still a way off because life goes too fast.
It was quite an overwhelming feeling watching my hubby become a graduate. I kept thinking of all those late nights and early mornings. Or all those times it was just the boys and I while hubby was at a study session. I just thought of all the hard work that has gone into getting his biological chemistry degree. All I could think of was it was worth it!
Congratulations hubby! I am so proud of you.  By these photos you can tell that you have a little mini me. Now on to the Masters degree!

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  1. The time really does go by far too quickly. Moments like this are a good reminder to savor each and every moment before it's gone.

    Congratulations to your husband!

    (Visiting from the SITS Girls Spring Fling)


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