Mommy Rambles ~ How to avoid becoming the Grinch!

It’s been awhile since my last ramble post so I thought I would sneak one in while baby is napping and the older one is “cleaning” his room.

I have been quite the grumpy lately for a number of reasons.

1)      The Christmas season. I have never been a big spender or a big time gift giver. So I get burnt out on all the buy a hundred gifts for everyone you know. This is why I prefer Thanksgiving because there are no gifts involved and you just spend time with family and friends.  However I am BIG on advent and it keeps me from becoming a Grinch.  I love the daily activities of advent and I love counting down the days till our Saviors birth.

2)      Not enough time. Having two small kids is a full time job in itself then add in homeschooling, blogging, cleaning the house and holiday extras and I just feel like there is not enough time. I end up having to sacrifice something and lately I have chosen my blog since I will never get this time back with my two small kiddos.

3)      Gallbladder problems. I have been having a stomach ache for a while now and couldn't figure it out. Then one night after eating sugar cookies and a glass of milk I was in pain and up ALL night. The next day at church wasn't any better. My father has suffered from gallbladder problems so I gave him a call and described my pain and sure enough gallbladder problems! This is a big deal for a foodie like me. I love real butter, sausage, baked goods, etc.  With gallbladder problems you must have a low fat diet. So with it being the holidays I am super bummed about missing out on all those good baked goods.  However gallbladder pain is no joke so no cheating for me!

With all these things on my mind I have to daily change my way of thinking. I don’t want to become a Grinch and most of all I want memories for my kids to look back on. I want my kids to know that Jesus is the ONLY reason for Christmas.

I can’t be super mom and do it all this Christmas season and that is the reason for this ramble post. I may be more absent from my blog and online but please know I will be around when time allows but my kids take top priority! Merry Christmas!!!


  1. You are such a great mom! The reason your blog is so successful is because you put God and Family first! I really enjoyed this post and it helped me to stop and think not to take things so seriously and to enjoy my kids messes sometimes instead of getting easily irritate because they do grow up to quickly! Thank you!

  2. Oh Cassie you're a great friend! Thanks for commenting on this post. It's hard to remember when you're in the middle of cleaning up messes just as another one is being created that it won't last forever! (Thank goodness!)

    Glad to have your friendship! :)


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