Dinner Time ~ Quick and Healthy Pizza @FlatoutBread

Wednesday nights are so busy for us. Hubby gets home a little before five then we have to head out the door by six for Bible study. I have been trying to come up with something quick to eat before we head out that is something we will all eat and filling.

Well, one night we stopped at Walgreens to get toilet paper and as I was walking to the checkout line I saw that they were carrying Flatout Bread and it was under $3! I grabbed a bag and thought oh these must be like tortillas but healthy.  They are ten times better than tortillas!

I am thrilled to say Flatout Bread is the answer for our busy night meal. My oldest son is incredibly picky and I have to constantly sneak whole foods into his diet. 

Little M's pizza!

Well Flatout Bread makes this easy since I can make cheese pizza quick and easy! Also one Flatout contains 9 grams of protein so you feel full longer.

Adult Pizza!

Anyway, my oldest gets to make his own cheese pizza and has no idea how healthy it is. Meanwhile hubby and I get to enjoy our own pizza with lots of veggies and ham. It is a win for our whole family since it’s quick, healthy, and yummy! 

Tonight we are going to make the Flatout Apple Streusel Pizza for dessert!  Stop by Flatout's website for recipes to make your own Flatout pizza and more!

Yummy and healthy!
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  1. I met you at #ARDParty:) Just wanted to stop by and say hi!! My kiddos got in the kitchen with me last night to make some almond flour cake for dessert. Kids always have fun in the kitchen;)

    1. Hi Candace!

      Hi back and my son loves to help cook. I have never made Almond Flour Cake but it sounds good. I will have to look it up. :)

  2. Replies
    1. I know and best part is my kids do too and it's so healthy!!!


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