BabyGiraffe ~ Giving Moms an Extra Hand Review & Giveaway #BabyExtravaganza

Today for Baby Extravaganza we bring you BabyGiraffe! It makes me being a parent easier. 

As a Mom of 3, soon to be 4 I have found that I need a few more hands to help with some of the simpler things.

Here is where BabyGiraffe comes in

I *may or may not* have a thing for giraffes so I knew that I NEEDED this for Baby 4.0

You may be wondering what exactly BabyGiraffe is, right? Well, I am here to tell you all about it.

Baby Charlie and the Toy Loop

About BabyGiraffe:

Once upon a time there was a curious, playful baby named Charlie who loved to watch and grab all sorts of bright, shiny, fuzzy hanging toys.

When his mom, Sara, would hang them from his car seat handle, he was so very happy and engaged. But when Charlie was in his high chair, stroller or bassinet, he missed his toys so much, it often made him cry.

Charlie's mom hated to see him so upset. So one day she asked his dad, Jerry, who happened to be a product developer, if he could make something to help keep Charlie more  engaged.

Using his experience as both a developer and a dad, Jerry came up with a design that could be securely attached to Charlie's car seat, stroller, high chair or crib. Its strong, yet flexible spine could be adjusted to hold his toys in almost any position. Or easily moved out of the way whenever he wanted to be picked up.

And so the BabyGiraffe — named for its resemblance to the gentle and adaptable animal — became Charlie's constant companion. It went everywhere he went — from the park to the zoo to the grocery store. His mother even packed it on an airplane once. And at night, the BabyGiraffe safely held a rotating mobile while he fell asleep in his crib, dreaming sweet, colorful dreams.

Baby Giraffe is a bottle holder, toy holder, safety mirror holder and a sunshade holder all in ONE! 

I am a HUGE fan of All In One products that actually work and BabyGiraffe does just that!

Everything is easy to attach and can be moved out of baby's face
All bottle types fit on the Baby Giraffe {do not leave baby unattended with the bottle} 

Original BabyGiraffe Set Includes:

  • BabyGiraffe Clamp & Spine
  • Baby Bottle Holder
  • Toy Loop
  • Safety Mirror
  • Sun Shade 

If you want to make life simpler you MUST get a BabyGiraffe! 

BUY IT: You can purchase Baby Giraffe for $29.95

Giveaway: ONE Lucky reader is going to win an Original BabyGiraffe Set!

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