Lily Padz ~ Review & Giveaway #BabyExtravaganza

Here is Kim from Party of 5 with a review and giveaway for Lily Padz!

If you are a nursing Mother than you know all about the embarrassing leaks that occur. I myself have been quite embarrassed by the big wet circles on my shirts a time or two.

Those cloth nursing pads are great but once I wash mine they get all weird and lumpy. And let's face it, nothings worse than a lumpy leaking boob!

I came across Lily Padz and was really intrigued by them.

What are LilyPadz you ask. Well Lily Padz are the revolutionary alternative to traditional nursing pads containing unique features such as flexibility, breath ability,  and invisibility to provide the kind of protection every nursing mother needs.

Lily Padz are super soft and conform to your breast to provide a secure fit allowing you to wear whatever you want with confidence.

Party of 5 was sent the LilyPadz Starter Kit to review

LilyPadz starter kit contains:

  • Single pair of LilyPadz
  • 1 bottle of LilyWash
  • 1 box of LilyWipes

LilyWash is a gentle oil cutting cleanser formulated to rinse off easily leaving no soap residue or fragrance. Washing daily by hand using ONLY LilyWash and water is recommended so your LilyPadz remain tacky. When properly used and cared for they will provide a snug comfortable fir for up to two months.

LilyWipes are large 6x6 inch wipes that are lint free allowing you to clean and disinfect your LilyPadz while you are on the go. These are perfect for me since we are always on the go!

LilyPadz are:

  • non absorbent
  • ultra thin
  • dermatolgically tested
  • discreet under clothing
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Latex-Free
  • and Adhesive-Free

LilyPadz are super easy to apply:

I love the quality and comfort of LilyPadz. The price isn't too bad either.

Buy It: You can purchase the LilyPadz Starter Kit like I received for $36.95 on

Giveaway: ONE Lucky Reader is going to win a pair of the new LilyPrintz

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