Forget the Zombies, Don’t Become a Mombie!

Yesterday I was reading an article on zombies in the workplace and while I don’t think I’ve become a zombie I realized I had become a “Mombie”. In other words I was acting like motherhood was meant to be done alone and in a zoned out state. If you are reading this and you yourself have become a “Mombie” then keep reading there is hope for you! J

When you are a stay at home mom you tend to stay home a lot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it can become a bad habit. In our modern world it is very easy to become isolated without even realizing it. I have online friends (in all time zones), I can have food delivered, I can shop online and have the items delivered straight to my door. The world is literally at my fingertips. People are just one click away!

However, this can never replace real life friends. Yes, online people are real but let’s be honest there is a lot we can hide on the internet. We tend to only let others peer into our life through what we deem okay. For instance you will never see a messy photo of my house on my blog because although it may be real I am not okay with the world viewing into my train wreck! The truth about blogs is that they are similar to reality TV as in, yes you see bits and pieces of reality but never do you really get the entire story or the real day to day experience. So next time you read a stellar post I want you to understand it is a presentation and not “reality” so don’t beat yourself up over it. Same goes for pinterest!
Now back to getting yourself out of “Mombie” mode…

Recently I had a friend ask my children and I to dinner and a play date. At first I was like gosh I have so much work to do and PR people are  wanting XYZ posted and I haven’t even edited XYZ photos for the post…then feeling guilty I said okay sounds good. I rounded up the kids and 30 minutes later we were ready to go.

My friend and I fed our kids, and then while they were playing in the play place we had wonderful conversation that involved a lot of “yeah me too” affirmations. It was great and I realized then the power of a “yeah me too in PERSON”. There is nothing that can replace that. You see as stay at home moms we need to realize we are each other’s coworkers. Just as our hubbies need coworkers to share the workload burdens, we too need each other as coworkers in motherhood!

I came home feeling like the unending tasks like dishes, laundry, picking up toys, changing the diapers again day in and day out became so much more manageable.  What changed? Did my laundry get done? Did my dishes magically put themselves away??? I WISH… but no! What changed is that I realized I am not a “Mombie” alone in this world wondering how the heck I am going to do another load of laundry. I have coworkers doing the same exact thing day after day and my burden of motherhood was lifted!

My advice to you is call a friend and get out of the house for no other reason than leaving the house. It doesn’t have to be expensive, pack a picnic and go to the park together. It doesn’t matter what you do just make the effort and go do it. You and your children will benefit from it.

My little reprieve from the “Mombies” came none too soon. That same evening right after I put my babies to bed I started another load of the unending laundry and in the process knocked over a full bottle of bleach that spilled all over colored clothes and sheets. Isn’t God good to allow this to happen AFTER my refreshing time away from it all?!!  So there is my little “reality” for you today! Now go schedule a play date with some other “Mombies” who need to meet with their coworkers in motherhood!



  1. I agree we tend to get in a zone and forget that there is life outside there! I love that you decided to ditch it all and go :) Real live friends are important and the other things can wait, life is short!!

    1. I know! It's only after I leave my zone that I realize! Life is short and esp. with little one!!! Thanks Sam.

  2. A mombie!! I love it!! It's so hard not to get wrapped up in the mundane chores of being a SAHM!!

    1. Isn't it! I honestly just keep saying once I am all done then I can do something else. Which would be fine but my SAHM duties never end! lol Thanks for the comment.


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