Anticipating Charleston ~ I Can Hardly Wait!

Do you remember that scene from The Music Man where the whole town is looking forward to that infamous wagon? Do you remember how the anticipation just kept building and building? Well that’s exactly how I’ve felt all day.

Then it happened . . . that distinct sound of brakes, the sliding door, and then my doorbell rang. It had arrived! Finally in my hands I have the official itinerary of our trip to Charleston, SC. I thought that I already pretty much knew what we would be doing. But much to my pleasant surprise there were even more adventures to experience!

I’ve already told you in the previous post that we will be staying on the Battery at the Palmer House Bed and Breakfast and that we’ll be touring the Charleston Tea Company. Today I found out that we have been invited to the beautiful Edmonston-Alston House for a private cocktail reception with Bigelow Tea Company’s founders, David and Eunice Bigelow.

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If that isn’t enough, the next day we get to have a tea tasting with Bigelow’s president, Cindi Bigelow. I must admit I’m a tad bit nervous. I’m kind of certain that the way I make tea and the way she makes tea isn’t quite the same. (Microwaves and Keurigs probably aren’t in her process!) But I am completely excited to learn from her.

The itinerary goes on to describe a history of Charleston talk and a few more tours. They included a wonderful map so we can do some personal sightseeing in our down time. They gave us some suggestions for restaurants that sound absolutely divine. I have to tell you that my favorite part is where they strongly suggest bringing lots of hair product and flat comfortable shoes because it is going to be in the 80's and humid and the sidewalks are cobblestone!

Now I must go scour my closet for the perfect outfits and check on that shoe situation. I’m envisioning a shopping trip this weekend. I’m almost positive that I need a new pair of shoes!

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