Let Us Sing The Books of Moses ~ Bible Memory By Song

Hey everyone . . . it's Fitzysmom! Last week I had my lovely grands at my house for a few days. They are all gone now and what remains are some sticky spots and random pieces of artwork stuck on the fridge and in other odd places. One of the things we do while they are here is sing songs together. This time my oldest grand asked me to teach her a song from when I was a little girl. The first one I thought of was a song I learned way back in Vacation Bible School about the Books of the Bible.

The sweet older woman that taught it to me has gone to be with Jesus but what I learned from her all those years ago still lingers. I went to Bible College and professors love to do pop quizzes where they give you 10 minutes to list the books of the Bible. I am proud to say I never missed a point! (Don't ask about the rest of my performance!!!)

By now you know that everything is on YouTube. I did a search and sure enough there was my song. Give it a listen, if you're of the over 45 set like me it will give you a chuckle. Now if you are of the younger generation try and refrain from rolling your eyes. Remember it got me through my Bible classes!

I have to admit it does have a certain nostalgia to it. I can still hear the almost out of tune piano and the warbly voices. (This was definately before VBS went high-tech.)

But alas, my grands were a bit unimpressed with my unhip Bible song. Surely there was an updated version, right? So back to YouTube and bingo!

I thought this one was quite catchy. I love the ukulele that accompanies it. I've been listening to it and trying to memorize the new style. Next visit I'm going to be prepared with my A game.

But of all the ones I came across this has to be my favorite hands down! (What can I say . . . I was a music major in college?!!)

What about you? Did you learn a Books of the Bible song? Are you teaching it to your kiddos? I'd love to hear what you are doing. Leave a comment below and give us the scoop and the link if there is a video!

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