Book Review ~ The One Year Be-Tween You & God Devotions for Girls by Sandra Byrd

Juvenille NonFiction ~ Devotional

About the book:

This One Year book is a diary-style devotional for tween girls (9 to 14) that emphasizes their growing, special relationship with God. Each devotion begins with a statement, thought, or question to God. Every girl is likely to make these statements and ask such questions... many of which they may not want to share with other people.

The book emphasizes that tween girls can have a relationship with God and that they can share their intimate thoughts, fears, insecurities, joys, etc. It lets girls know: it's between you and God. Questions/topics include the following: "I know I'm supposed to be close to you (God), but I don't really feel like it now. How can I change that?" "Everyone talks about how I'm supposed to have faith, which is fine, except I don't really understand what faith actually is." Each devotion gives biblically based insight into the subject in warm, friendly tone.

My thoughts:

Back to school season seems to be the perfect time to begin some great habits in your children. One of the best habits to form is the daily study of the Bible. Sandra Byrd has put together a wonderful year long devotional book designed for your nine to fourteen year old girl. 

From the teal colored leather cover to the daily devotional layout, I think your girl with find this book engaging. Each day is generically dated making it possible to start at any point in the year. There is a nice attached ribbon that will keep track of your place. 

Each day begins with a question that your girl would likely pose to God. The next section starts with, Consider this . . . and then proceeds to discuss the question. The next section is a reply to the question that begins with God says . . . and then gives scripture to address the earlier question. The day's devotion ends with a question that is addressed How About You?

My oldest granddaughter is too young to do this one on her own but we enjoyed doing it together this past week. The varying subjects each day led to wonderful discussions about how we feel on different topics and then allowed us to hold our opinions up against the Word of God. 

Whether you are looking for something that your sweet girl can do on her own or something that you can do together I think you will be pleased with this devotional.

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