Tasty Tuesday ~ Homemade Almond Milk

See our little girl cannot seem to tolerate cow's milk. I've gone back and forth with it and alternatives for her. I've tried different brands, local, and 2%, but it turns out for her, milk is milk and her body just doesn't like it. I wouldn't think too much of her inability to digest cow's milk except for that she loves it. She asks for it all the time. Plus, it is hard to be out or on play dates and see other kids happily sipping their milk. Homemade almond milk has been the best alternative we've come up with so far. It has calcium, protein and some fat, which are important nutrients I look for in a cow's milk alternative.


Bonus: it's surprisingly easy to make yourself! Head on over to Food Snob St. Louis today for the full recipe and entire saga of our journey without milk.    

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  1. I've become lactose intolerant in my older age so this may be an option for me. Thanks.


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