Taming of the Brows ~ Threading is Better!

If you have been to your local mall recently you have probably seen the kiosk for shaping your eyebrows. I have to admit that I have totally shunned the place because it just did not appeal to me in the least. Who wants to be lying in a chair having your eyebrows plucked while strangers wander by?!!
 Ain’t nobody needin to see that!

The other day I was at the mall with my mom and as we were browsing and trying to resist the draw of the cookie place my mom spotted the brow booth. The ensuing conversation went something like this:

Mom: Oh my goodness! When did they put that in? We need to go do that.
Me: There is no way I’m going to try that. It’s in the middle of the mall in front of everyone.
Mom: Who cares? Trust me it will be totally worth it. Besides it is across from Victoria’s Secret, they’ll be distracted.
Me: (Don’t you just hate it when your mom says trust me? You know she’s probably going to be right . . . but at what cost to my dignity?) I’ll watch you do it and then I’ll think about it.
Mom: Nope! You’re doing it. Those brows of yours have been needing some work. (Gee thanks mom!)

So being the good daughter that I am, I took a chance on it. (I should admit that I did make her go first!) I watched very carefully to see if she cringed or even flinched. Nope, not a twitch!

If you are wanting to try threading check Brow Art for a location near you! I also came across this little YouTube video that shows the difference between threading and waxing. It might help you decide which to try!

Which do you prefer threading or waxing?


  1. I think having it done instead of doing myself would be an option I'd consider, even if it is at the mall.

    1. When I do this it last so much longer then when I do them myself.

  2. wow, i TOTALLY want to try this sometime!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. I have always wanted to try this, I don't have very thick brows (considering all the hair I have) so waxing isn't a big deal but I would love to see it done in real life! Thanks as always for linking up to the Verizon Voices Fashioista Style hop last week. You can link you can link up this week here: http://stillblondeafteralltheseyears.com/2013/09/emmy-style-outfits-modeled-women-45-verizon-voices-fashionista-style-hop/ We'd love have more of your style, so sign up for our weekly reminders too (if you haven’t!)


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