30 Days of Thanksgiving ~ Day 3: Mothers

I am thankful for my mother. A mother is such a powerful thing. Whoever thinks mothers are not important has never really considered how much influence their mother had into who they became.

Today I got the chance to enjoy a lunch with my mom by ourselves. It is a wonderful thing to share lunch with someone who has known you your entire life, someone who has been with you through the ups and downs in life and loves you like crazy. The thankfulness for my mother has grown even more so now that I am a mother. Her love for me amazes me. I am so glad that God gave us mothers and I know how blessed I am to have a great one too!

Photo Credit: Olsonography Photography

This relationship with my mother keeps me longing for a girl of my own. I look forward to being able to share a relationship just like my mother and I have.

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