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Today's Prompt: TRUTH


I am a news junkie so day in and day out I hear talking heads spout off about whatever the cause of the day is. Recently it has been the whole health care debacle. Claims of lies, misspeaking, half-truths, and misleading have inundated my TV. One of the current questions is if the truth would have been told from the start would it have changed the outcome?

No matter which side of that issue you are on I think we can all agree that if the truth isn't spoken there are consequences to deal with. It isn't just nationally that this is relevant it is personally important too. Whether I lie in little ways or big ways it hurts someone.

Last night I watched the Billy Graham special 'My Hope America'. In his beautiful southern drawl Dr. Graham spoke the truth of the cross. He said it is an offensive symbol to many. Many don't want to see it as anything but a piece of jewelry or art to be hung on a wall. But the truth is that we all must come to the cross and accept or reject it. It would be easy to tell a lie about the cross in our efforts to not offend. But in doing that we hurt Someone. The irony is that the person that is hurt the most is ourselves.

I am one of those that have accepted the message of the cross. As a believer I have the obligation to speak the truth even when it would be easier to evade it or stay silent. My greatest desire is to be like Billy Graham. At my 95th birthday celebration, when someone says that I'll be speaking about the cross the response will be, "Of course she is . . . because it is the truth, and she speaks only the truth!" LORD, may it ever be so!


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  1. A beautiful reminder that the Cross is not offensive. We are called to speak the Truth in love, aren't we? I enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing your thoughts today.

  2. So true, so well written! I was raised Catholic, had bad experiences and for so long tried to convince myself I'm an atheist. Whatever I am, I believe the same CONCEPTS: Love, Forgiveness, Truth, Faith, only now my Faith is in humanity, even those that believe things differently than I do. We all want Love, Truth, Forgiveness, no matter what, THAT is the simple truth that should bring us all together!


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