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Hi Rambles of a SAHM readers! It's Laura from the Tasty Tuesdays recipe posts and blogger over at Food Snob St. Louis. I'm here today to share with you a fantastic website for your Christmas toy shopping, HearthSong.

Our oldest child will be 2 in January. I've noticed with her that we've gone through a few cycles of having tons of great toy options for her that challenge her, help her learn and are fun, but then about 3-4 months later it seems that she's outgrown them all. When I go toy shopping for her, I often get confused as to what would be a good age-appropriate toy that will last her longer than just a few months. Unfortunately, the aisles of the toy stores I've been to aren't organized that way (age level and purpose of toy), but rather by certain brands. Lucky for me, and all the other parents out there who have felt the same way, there is HearthSong. The HearthSong website is organized not only by age level, but also by interest category. It makes finding a toy or gift for any child so simple! As I searched though the site, I was very impressed with the variety and quality of items they offer. As part of this review, HearthSong sent me this Doodle Bag for our nearly two-year-old.


The zip-up canvas bag features pockets for crayons and chalk (or other art supplies like stickers), a doodle pad and mini-chalkboard.

Our child loved putting the crayons away in the pockets, drawing, and zipping and unzipping it. I love that it is all in one compact place, and am really looking forward to using it as entertainment in the car as we travel during the holidays.


Once she had enough of the crayon doodling, she quickly started on a masterpiece on the chalkboard wall in our playroom. I know that she will be very excited to be able to draw with chalk in the car on the mini-chalkboard in the back of the Doodle Bag.



If you are looking for high-quality, age-appropriate toys that will foster creativity and imagination in children, I highly recommend checking out the HearthSong website!

 *Disclaimer: I was sent the Doodle Bag from HearthSong for this review. All statements and opinions are my own.*

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  1. I need to get one of these for each of the grands. Perfect for car trips or waiting rooms!


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