Christmas Gift Guide ~ Mike the Knight Glendragon Castle Playset

My oldest son is into knights and dragons and saving the world. He really enjoys watching Mike the Knight on NickJr when he's at Granny and Poppy's. What could be better than having a play set to use his imagination to make up new scenarios for Mike to be the hero?!!

As the mom I really enjoy listening to Little M play. Just hearing the changing voices of the characters brings a smile to my face. What I find priceless about this product is that both of my boys can play with it TOGETHER! Sure they argue over who's going to be Mike (who wouldn't want to be Mike?) but once that is settled they play nicely together for an extended amount of time.

If you have little ones that love adventure I think you'll find that Mike the Knight Glendragon Castle Playset makes an excellent gift.

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