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Today's Prompt: Encouragement 

What is the key to finding motivation? For me, it is through the encouragement of others. I do believe this to be true for most people. Just thinking back on my most successful times in my life and it was usually when I felt encouragement from others.

In the beginning God gave Adam Eve so he would not be alone. By design we are created to need others. Without encouragement it can be hard to do our jobs or even get out of bed in the mornings.

People pay a lot of money to be encouraged. Just think of conferences they are not cheap but the productivity that comes from workers being encouraged is worth every company’s dime.

I read on Yahoo that a motivational speaker can make anywhere between $500 to $50,000 per speech. Wow! Now that is a lot of money for someone just speaking! But we all know why this pays so well, and that is because motivational speakers encourage us. I cannot tell you how many times I have said “you know with a little encouragement I bet they will do well.”

This has really been something I have been thinking of with the homeschool setting. I was homeschooled and there is something so encouraging about homeschoolers. I just love homeschooling groups; they love to help each other and listen in a way that I have never known another group of people to do so.

You know what is also incredible about encouraging someone else? It encourages you and gives you a deep sense of accomplishment. What a gift we give to others and ourselves when we do so!

Here is your challenge before the weekend is over. Find someone to encourage. You could make a difference in their life as well as yours. There is only one you and the world needs your encouragement. Go, do, be, encourage!

“Encouragement from any source is like a drop of rain upon a parched desert. Thanks to all the many others who rained on me when I needed it, and even when I foolishly thought I didn't.
~ Claire Gillian
(acknowledgements in The P.U.R.E.)”

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