Sunglasses for the Season

Spring is in the air and with that comes my annual quest to find the perfect sunglasses. I've tried high end ones. I've tried middle of the line sunglasses. And quite frankly my all time favorite pair came from the dollar store! (Of course they broke and when I went back to replace them . . . that style was gone!)

I've read the advice on finding the right shape of sunglasses for your face, but what really works for me is to just try on pair after pair until I find the one that strikes my fancy at the time. Below is a chart that includes some of this season's hottest styles.

This Season

Did you see a pair you liked? I'm leaning towards the Ksubi Vela. (I tend to lean towards the classic.) I do think it would be fun just to try on some of the others. The Valley Eyewear Wolves and the Cheap Monday Point Leopard just make me smile!

So what about you? Which pair do you want to try?

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  1. None of these are really standing out to me. I'm liking the trendy classic yet squarish look... you know those super cheap ones they throw out at the parades... that style. I don't see them on this list. :)



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