What Predators Don't Want You To Know!

This conversation came up the other day with FitzysMom and I feel the need to blog about it even if it only serves as a reminder to myself . . .

A recent tragedy occurred locally and it has my guard up once again when it comes to predators, specifically child predators.  Usually when this happens we think of what the victim could have done better. While I see people want this to be a learning experience it is never okay to use the victim as a point of view. It's just hurtful and a 20/20 hindsight scenario.

However I have something I feel like I need to share with adults on protecting ourselves and our children. I feel like if we can think like a predator we can better protect ourselves and our children.

The first thing we have to think about is how do predators pick their victims? The answer is they look for easy prey, a small child, someone caught off guard, and the biggest factor, someone who is isolated.

So with that in mind we need to realize that predators are COWARDS! Yes, I put COWARDS in all caps so you will not forget the word. You see to protect ourselves we need to remember this. Predators are not going to put up a fight they want it easy.

The first thing I recommend is to know your neighbors. We know our neighbors and we have several good ones but our neighborhood does have one registered sex offender. As neighbors we discuss this since we have small children. We all make sure that the children know they are never to ever step foot in the person's yard. We watch each other's houses and when there are unknown people on our street we confront them and guess what? They leave! Why? Because there are other neighborhoods where people are not paying attention and that makes it easy for the predator.

You see predators want you to think they are this evil powerful force and we just need to move to the safe side of town but here is the truth there is no safe spot. What predators don't want you to know is that they are COWARDS!

Here is a short list of things about predators:

1) They look for easy prey.
2) They love ponytails  (easy to grab a woman by)  and short nails.
3) They want you to fear them ~ the more irrational the better.
4) They look for isolated victims.
5) They look for someone looking  down while they walk.
6) They look for someone that leaves their phone and keys in the bottom of  their purse.
7) Sex offenders are not always listed on a registry. No, they can be coaches, church people, and Facebook friends!
8) When they stalk your neighborhood they don't want to be confronted. They want you to believe you live in a safe place. No need for porch lights!
9) They look for photos of your kids bathing, swimming, etc. to pick their next victim.
10) They love to ask kids for help and hate adults that ask questions.

Here is a short list of things you want to know.

1) Never go anywhere alone.
2) Look around. If you feel like something is off, IT IS!
3) Know your neighbors.
4) Look people in the eye.
5) Be rude to people that seem off.
6) Carry your keys and phone in your hand while walking.
7) SAY something! Say it out loud so others can hear you too.
8) Talk and PRACTICE scenarios with your kids. No one is too young!
9) Ask yourself am I being an easy target?
10) Have a plan before you go somewhere. Ask yourself what if? Teach your kids this too.

Again, I feel the need to blog about this and if you have any additional tips leave them below! We can all learn from each other. We must be aware and prepare but remember predators are COWARDS! If someone is driving or walking around your neighborhood find out who they are and why they are there. Don't be an easy prey!

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  1. Good job. More people need to pay attention to what they are doing when out. Some people think I am crazy because I pay attention to what is going on around us. I don't care what they think I will pay attention.


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