Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game ~ Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway

Spend a day at the spa with your pawfect companions!

Get regally pampered in the dreamy, 3D Royal Pet Salon. Move your adorable pet from room to room through doorways sized just for castle cuties. Look for posh pet products, from fancy soaps and shampoos to tiaras, collars, and sweet treats--all hidden throughout the salon! If you find something pictured on a face-up card, it's yours to keep! When the time is up, all of the Palace Pets leave the salon with grooming goodies. The player with the most wins!

Little girls all around dream of becoming a princess. One of the best friends of all princesses is their favorite palace pet. With the acquiring of a beloved pet comes responsibility of caring for that pet. If you are a princess you can do that in a very royal way.

Disney Princess Palace Royal Pet Salon Game was put together with your little princess in mind. The game is designed to encourage imaginative play with her friends while at the same time learning to be courteous to others by taking turns. 

Set-up is easy consisting of sliding together the panels and inserting them in the holder. Once the girls have chosen their pet the play can begin.

The first player sets the spinner in motion and then follows the directions for the space landed on. 

Once the spin is determined and the correct number of cards are turned over it is time to move your palace pet. The palace pet will go from room to room looking for objects on the cards. Going through each doorway is considered one move.

The princess and the palace pet will look all around the room they land in to discover matching goodies on the cards. If one of the face up cards contains an item pictured in that room you collect the card.

One of the spots on the spinner is for a clock tile. Each time you land on that space on the spinner you must insert another section of the clock. When all four sections have been added the game is over and the palace pets must leave the Royal Pet Salon.

In order to declare the winner, each princess adds up her cards and the one with the most wins!

This is such a cute game. I enjoyed playing it with some very special little girls. It was a great way for them to work on several skills while they were having fun. They had to count as they went through each doorway and then they had to be very observant while they were looking to see if any of the items were in that room. It was a complete joy to listen to them encourage each other and to give hints towards collecting another card.

The Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Pet Salon Game is available at Toys R Us both online and in the store. Remember if you choose the site to store option shipping is free!

The Giveaway

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  1. My daughter's favorite palace pet is Beauty! She loves Treasure too!

  2. My daughter has loved this app. My daughter loves Sultan!

    1. Thanks for mentioning the app Jess! I don't have an android phone so I haven't looked into it. It is advertised on the front of the game box. Bet it is fun for your girl.

  3. Oh my daughter would absolutely love this!!! Treasure is her favorite palace pet!

  4. My daughter likes Berry and Pumpkin.

  5. I think that Treasure would be her favorite!

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