Tell Me More . . . Sandra Byrd {Author Interview}

For the record Sandra wants you to know that her hair is dark . . . but not this dark! She thinks she looks like Morticia Addams. Hmmm . . . I always liked the Addams Family. That house of theirs was amazing. I think it would make a great setting for one of Sandra's novels. Just a suggestion!

I first became aware of Sandra's work when my daughter Whitney (aka RambleSAHM) was a pre-teen. I was at our local Christian book store looking for something for Whitney to read and I stumbled upon Sandra's Secret Sisters series. They turned out to be just the thing for my avid reader. She went on to devour every book that Sandra would write over the next few years. To my great delight those same books are about to be introduced to my oldest grand girl. What a great investment that was!

More recently I have fallen in love with Sandra's historical fiction books. My favorites so far have been her Ladies in Waiting series. They are set during the Tudor period which I find fascinating. I am eagerly waiting for her next novel, Mist of Midnight, which is book one in her Daughters of Hampshire series. It doesn't release until March 2015 so it's going to be a long cold winter. 

I began to wonder just who this mystery woman was behind these very diverse books. I wanted to know the important things that a curious sort like myself wonders about. I decided to reach out to her and ask her to tell me more . . .

What’s the best way to spend a rainy day?

Napping or reading on the couch while my husband watches football.

If you were given one chance to travel back in time, what event would you like to see?

As a Christian and as a history nerd, there are probably hundreds of events, but from a personal angle, I would have liked to have seen and experienced what my forebears did when they first landed in America, the home of their dreams.

What are the three most favorite products you own?

Bialetti Espresso Pot, my phone (I so overuse emoticons!) for keeping in touch with my family and friends, and my Kindle Fire HD tablet.

What is your favorite smell in the whole world?

Lavender, followed closely by the scent of a baby's cheeks, and then vanilla pound cake.

What superpowers would you like to have?

The ability to de-frizz my hair for good. And maybe lose weight without trying. Hey! I'd share!

There you have it friends . . . the important things we need to know about Sandra! If you had the opportunity to ask her anything what would it be? Leave your curious questions in the comments and we'll see if we can get her to chime in and end the suspense.

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