Feast For Thieves by Marcus Brotherton ~ Historical Fiction Review and Giveaway

Marcus Brotherton
Historical Fiction

an impossible choice for a man 
who usually solves his problems 
with a rifle or his fists.

Sergeant Rowdy Slater was the most incorrigible paratrooper in Dog Company during World War II. But after the war, when Rowdy robs a bank with the black-hearted Crazy Ake, he vows to turn his life around. The lawman, suspicious that Rowdy's confession is a sham, gives him an ultimatum: Rowdy must serve one year as the town minister, or go straight to jail. Rowdy's choice? Preaching at the community church in Cut Eye, Texas, at the midpoint of nowhere and emptiness.

At first the job seems easy, particularly since Rowdy takes over for the willowy female missionary who held the church together while the men were at war. But when Crazy Ake shows up with a plan to make some quick cash, Rowdy becomes ensnared and is forced to make a deadly choice.

My Thoughts

If there was ever a book that should NOT be judged by its cover, this would be it. From the cover I was expecting it to be more warish . . . but it isn't. In fact it is downright humorous in spots. Which was a complete surprise. 

I've enjoyed several of Marcus Brotherton's nonfiction books so I knew he was a very talented writer. But this first work of fiction really reveals that he is a master wordsmith. It is my hope that he continues to bless us with more of these tales from his imagination.

The characters in this novel are what make the whole story sing. They are quirky in a way that only small-town folks can be. There's just something about people that know each other so well that they can't stand each other yet love them at the same time. One of the elements that Marcus used in this story was area specific dialogue. I'm from a Southernish area and some of the phrases that his characters used just made me laugh out loud. That is exactly how my people sound!

Above all else that I loved about this story was the redemption theme throughout. We're never far away from falling into a pit ourselves and we should remember that when we see someone stumble. Reach out and give them a hand and help them stand up again. Sheriff Barker took a chance on Rowdy and it changed everything, for Rowdy and the entire town. 

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