Esther: Royal Beauty (A Dangerous Beauty Novel, Book 1) by Angela Hunt ~ Biblical Fiction Review

Esther: Royal Beauty (A Dangerous Beauty Novel, Book 1) by Angela Hunt

A Dangerous Beauty Novel, Book 1 
Angela Hunt 
Biblical Fiction

When an ambitious tyrant 
threatens genocide against the Jews,
an inexperienced young queen 
must take a stand for her people. 

When Xerxes, king of Persia, issues a call for beautiful young women, Hadassah, a Jewish orphan living in Susa, is forcibly taken to the palace of the pagan ruler. After months of preparation, the girl known to the Persians as Esther wins the king's heart and a queen's crown. But because her situation is uncertain, she keeps her ethnic identity a secret until she learns that an evil and ambitious man has won the king's permission to exterminate all Jews--young and old, powerful and helpless. Purposely violating an ancient Persian law, she risks her life in order to save her people...and bind her husband's heart.

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My Thoughts

Biblical fiction done well is one of my favorite genres to read. Angela Hunt is one of the best Biblical fiction writers that I have read. She adheres to the historic and Biblical accounts but manages to bring her own storytelling magic to the mix.

The story of Queen Esther isn't new to most of us. In fact it is one of the first stories young girls learn to love in Sunday School. An ordinary girl is elevated to queen. What could be more worthy of daydreams? But behind that romantic notion lies a lot of heartache, deception and danger. 

In this retelling of this historical story we are allowed to glimpse more than just the fairy-tale ending. Angela Hunt uses the first person perspective of Hadasseh (Queen Esther) and a eunuch named Harbonah. As the chapters flip between the two characters we are allowed to draw deeper into the story and experience the events through the eyes of these two. 

My particular favorite about this book is the lead up to Hadasseh coming to the palace. Through accurate historic accounts Angela has woven a past for the girl that we come to know as Esther. Suddenly she becomes flesh instead of a mysterious person that just appears on the page.

When you've finished the novel you really must treat yourself and read the author's note. It gave me such a deeper appreciation to all that went into this very engaging story. The author has also included a set of discussion questions that would be a great added bonus if you use this book in your local book club.

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Angela Hunt

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