As Love Blooms (The Gregory Sisters, Book 3) by Lorna Seilstad ~ Historical Romance Review

As Love Blooms (The Gregory Sisters, Book 3) by Lorna Seilstad

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The Gregory Sisters, Book 3
Historical Romance

Young romance opens like a rose . . . 
but even a rose has its thorns.

Tessa Gregory is nothing if not tenacious. Denied a position as a horticulturist at prestigious Como Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota, she is not above a little benevolent deception in order to get the park superintendent to change his mind and hire her. She plans to infiltrate the world of wealthy and influential people in hopes of drumming up financial support for a world-class conservatory. But before she can put those plans into action, she meets Reese King, a handsome gardener at Como Park--and a major distraction. Still, Reese might be the key to achieving her dream. But is his goal to help her . . . or to capture her heart?

Against the lush backdrop of manicured gardens and greenhouses full of the exotic, Lorna Seilstad weaves a sweet and sassy story that is sure to delight.


My Thoughts

The Gregory Sisters series has been a delight to read. It started with When Love Calls where we met the oldest sister Hannah and watched her dreams of becoming a lawyer come true. In the second book While Love Stirs we met Charlotte who tempted us with her delicious menus and nutritional savvy. Now we are introduced to Tessa, the baby of the family who has garnered a reputation of being a bit flighty in her decisions about a possible career.

Tessa has received her degree in horticulture and is determined to work as a horticulturist at Como Park. Unfortunately the man in charge is not so keen on having a woman as one of his gardeners. By a fortuitous twist of fate Tessa meets Reese King who is already on staff. The two come up with a brilliant scheme to catch the attention of the superintendent which would benefit both of them.

Tessa's determination seems to know no bounds. Even when she is turned down in every direction she still presses on. Her only hope seems to lie with Reese, but he seems to have ulterior motives. The tension between doing what his head tells him and what his heart tells him makes the story come alive.

I enjoyed this series and especially this last installment. I particularly like how Lorna Seilstad uses elements of suspense to tease the reader along. She also does a marvelous job of intertwining historical facts with fictional characters. Her addition of a sweet romantic story-line is the icing on the cake. 

While I enjoyed the entire series, it should be noted that each story can easily be read as a stand-alone. My only note of caution would be to not read them out of order if you intend on reading the entire series. Each book contains some plot spoilers from previous books.  

The Gregory Sisters Series by Lorna Seilstad

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