Summer Boredom Busters ~ The Princess Parables Sticker & Activity Books

Summer Boredom Busters ~ The Princess Parables Sticker & Activity BooksBook Review Disclosure

Sticker books girls will love!

Join Princesses Joy, Grace, Hope, Charity, and Faith in some creative and interactive fun with 16 pages full of puzzles, activities, and 50 colorful and reusable stickers that are sure to please. Featuring the girls' father the king and their special animal friends, these are sure to keep your little princess busy and very happy.

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Summer is here and with it the inevitable chant of "I'm bored. There's nothing to do." Usually a trip outside to play in the backyard cures this, but around here the weather hasn't been so cooperative. Between all of the rain and humidity we've had plenty of indoor time the last few days.

A big lifesaver lately has been the adorable new sticker and activity books from The Princess Parables line from Zonderkidz. As I've shared before my girls love The Princess Parables dolls and books. It has been so much fun listening to them tell the stories about these sweet sisters and their father the king. 

The sticker and activity books continue to reinforce the wonderful parables from Scripture through the use of coloring activities, connect the dots, word search and other puzzles. There is also a two page section of stickers that can be applied to the pages and then peeled up and applied somewhere else in the book.

So today when the summer boredom chants began I had each girl go get their favorite Princess doll. While they were out of the room I quickly made a tent over the dining room table, threw a few pillows under there, added some crayons and pencils and put a small fan where it would circulate air under the table. When they came back in the room I handed each of them the corresponding sticker and activity book for the doll they had.

Instead of moaning and complaining I have been hearing giggles and whispers coming from the dining room. Ahhh . . . music to this granny's ears!

If you would like to get The Princess Parables Sticker & Activity Books for your little girls you can find them at all of your major Christian retailers either in store or online

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