Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet by Jenifer Ringer {Biography Review}

Jenifer Ringer
Biography & Memoir

As a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet (now retired), Jenifer Ringer knows what it's like to make it to the top of the rarefied world of classical ballet. In Dancing Through It, Ringer goes behind the scenes at one of the most renowned dance companies in the world and shares her own journey from student to star, candidly discussing both her struggle with an eating disorder and the media storm that erupted after a New York Times critic implied that she was overweight.

An unusually upbeat account of life on the stage, Dancing Through It is also a coming-of-age story and an inspiring memoir of faith and of triumph over the body issues that torment all too many women and men.

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My Thoughts

Reading a good memoir is like getting a sneak peek into the life of someone you admire. I've never been a dancer myself but I raised a beautiful dancer and watched her go from tiny ballerina to professional dancer. Reading Dancing Through It brought back many memories both happy and frustrating.

Jenifer Ringer did a masterful job of letting you see behind all the costumes and sets and into the practice studios and after hours of recovery that make up the real life of a professional dancer. I appreciated the honesty that she used when talking about the sacrifices that were made not only by herself but her family. To become an elite dancer you have to be willing to let it be all consuming and your family invariably is along for the ride. 

I also appreciated her honesty about how her spiritual life took a back seat because ballet came first. She would be the first to tell you that time was difficult because she forgot Who she was ultimately performing for. 

Lest you think this is a book that only focuses on the rigors of the profession let me assure you that it is also a beautiful love story. Jenifer and James have a fascinating history together and it was fun to read about it. But this is also a love story between Jenifer and Jesus. And that is the best part of the book for me. 

If you are a dancer or raising a dancer this is the perfect book to give you insight into what is ahead and a way to be in the performing arts community without losing your faith. 

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