End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi by Michael Youssef {Book Review}

Nonfiction / Biblical Studies

As our world seems to be spinning
out of control, where should we turn
for insight into the end times?

End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi is an action plan for living confidently in these turbulent and uncertain times. In this exciting new book, Dr. Michael Youssef examines current events in light of end times prophecies, revealing:
  • Striking parallels between the Antichrist of Revelation and the Mahdi of Islam
  • The rise of ISIS and other events leading to the end times
  • The movement toward a one-world government
  • Insights into the events of the Great Tribulation
Though most of Revelation deals with future events, this book is not primarily about the future. It's about the present--your present.

As you read these pages, you will be encouraged to stand for truth without compromise as God moves human events toward a dramatic and triumphant conclusion. And even when it appears that evil is winning, you will be assured by God's promises and filled with eager expectation for our Lord's return.

My Thoughts

If you listen closely you can almost hear hear the earth groaning. The wars in the Middle-East, the terrorists in Europe, all of these awful things make us think of the end times spoken about in the book of Revelation. In Dr. Michael Youssef's new book End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi these things are looked at and explored.
I've read many books on the book of Revelation and the subject of the Antichrist so I was expecting something similar. I was pleasantly surprised at Dr. Youssef's fresh perspective. Rather than taking it verse by verse through the book of Revelation he chose instead to look at it in the major themes of the book. He also related it to our current situation and how things are lining up for this ultimate battle and triumph of Christ.
I really liked this approach. It allowed me to concentrate on a particular portion such as the new heaven and earth. Dr. Youssef used Scripture to show what has been foretold and what is to come. Another thing that I appreciated was how clear he was when he was giving his own opinion. He made certain that the reader understood that while his opinion is based on his understanding of Scripture it was just that, his opinion.
If the rise of ISIS and all the terrorism around the world has you scared and wondering what is going to happen pick up Dr. Youssef's book. You'll be reminded not only about the course of events to come but more importantly that Christ will triumph and we that are His followers will be united with Him.
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