New Wooden Toys For Easter from BRIO

Easter is upon us and with it the need to put together those lovely Easter baskets. I love a good chocolate Easter bunny but I also like a balance when it comes to too many sweets. So the decision is to limit the Easter basket chocolates or the Easter brunch desserts. I vote for limiting the chocolates!

In order to make up for the deficit we try to put a cool new toy in each of the baskets. This year we've chosen some new wooden toys from Brio.

This year our baby is one and he's walking. We found this cute Brio Pull Along Horse that will be perfect for him as he practices his newly acquired skill. The little horse makes him squeal with laughter as it bobs and rolls along behind him. My favorite part is that it doesn't have batteries!

For our middle boy we found this Brio Countryside Horse Set. What I appreciate about Brio train sets is not only are they durable but they are detailed and very interactive. The boys love all the little doors and lights and whistles that are included with this set. 

Here's a cute little video that will show you all the fun accessories that are included with this set. Just a heads up, this set takes 2 AA batteries.

Our oldest son already has several Brio train sets and accessories so we decided to get him the Brio RC Travel Train. The remote control lets the little engineer make the train go forward with two different speeds. It also will travel in reverse and has buttons for lights and a whistle. The best part of this is that it has two different channels so we can always add another remote control train so both of our big boys can play together. The only drawback is that this set takes 4 AA batteries but it's totally worth it when you watch your little ones playing and using their imagination!

I can't say enough good things about the Brio train sets and accessories. They are well made and last for years and years. 

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