When You Are Not Everything Someone Wanted

I love this video above, it is everything I have wanted when thinking about being a parent. Watching my babies play and toddle around and just adoring their little curiosity.

Isn't that what life is all about? Parents doting on their kids, first trips to the beach, making videos, taking photos, kids falling down and parents there to pick them up. I am this (sorry, not sorry) and I am surround by other parents who are like this.

Well, until recently that is. God has broadened my circle and along my path I found deep brokenness. It won't let me go and it's in my thoughts. When I bake and kiss booboos and all those everyday SAHM tasks I do I find my deep thoughts going elsewhere.

What happens when you grow up and you are not everything someone wanted? You didn't grow up with parents and life was scary and you never felt wanted by anyone. Instead of a gift you were just a result of someone else's choices.

Then what happens when no one sees this and you look around at the happy families and all you have ever wanted is that but for whatever reason it's not going to happen?

As a Christ follower what am I supposed to do with this brokenness? How can we change a life when we come across this? I can't be everyone's parent legally or physically. So why has God shown me this and put it in my path?

Then the answer comes and it's what I have always known, Jesus. Yup, the always right Sunday school answer . . . Jesus!

Jesus wants us. If Christ Himself values each and every one of us then what does it matter for mere mankind to want us? It's not just a cliché answer it is the ONLY answer and sometimes that means we need to show people Jesus. We need to be Jesus to people. I can still hear my old precious neighbors voice, "Christ like, Christ like, be Christ like."

We need to be the one to say you are wanted, you are so so so precious. You matter. This is going to mean we slow down, we make an extra spot at the dinner table, we get up early and we give up ourselves so we can be Jesus for people who are desperately wanting to be everything someone wanted.

Who's with me? One person at a time let's end this brokenness!

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