God Bless Texas (A Land That I Love Book) by Peter Francis | Children's Board Book Review

A Land That I Love Book 
Illustrated by Peter Francis
Children's Board Book

Everything's bigger--and more beautiful--in Texas!

See how special Texas is--take a tour of the most amazing landmarks and cities in the Lone Star State, including the Alamo, Guadalupe Peak, the NASA Space Center, and much more!

My Thoughts

Cute little Henry Bear is off on another adventure and he wants your little one to come along! This time the car is packed up and ready to head to the great state of Texas. 

Henry's first stop is the Guadalupe Peak. It's a four mile hike up to the top but the views make each step worth it. The next stop is the state capital of Austin where the governor greets him.

No trip to Texas would be complete without a rodeo. Henry drives into Dallas, dons his ten-gallon hat, and then whoops it up with all the other fans. Once the show is over it is off to the Alamo. There he learns about the brave Texans who fought for thirteen days straight to achieve freedom from Mexico. 

Texas is also home to the NASA Space Center. Henry Bear enjoys a day discovering and exploring all the fascinating things that make up our space program. For his last day of vacation Henry spends the day at Big Bend National Park floating down the Rio. Before he leaves Texas he must stop and grab some souvenirs to remember his trip. Then it is back home where he gives thanks to God "For mountains and deserts, for rivers that run. For the big state of Texas, that's filled with such fun."

We're enjoying these books so much at our house. They are a great way to introduce different areas of the United States to your little one. Our little Henry delights in hearing his name used and is determined to go on these same adventures. The benefit for the momma that finds herself reading this book over and over is the fun and snappy verses. They easily roll off of the tongue. Before you know it your little one will be saying the verses with you. 

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