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Jana Magruder & Morgan Grace Magruder
Coloring Book

Are you ready to discover your life verse?

Choosing a life verse from Scripture is a powerful way to aim your steps toward God. This two-pack of beautiful journals (64 pages each) will guide you to choose a life verse and to make it your own!

Journal One contains fifteen verses explored through text and journaling prompts, combined with beautiful line-art illustrations for you to color and make your own. Journal Two is blank and ready for your imagination, your art, and your story!

My Thoughts

In just about every retail store there is a section dedicated to coloring books designed for adults. I've doodled in several of them but up until now I've only been a little ho hum about them. Most of the ones that I've colored in have been rather large. I was really looking for something that would be a bit more portable.

The Life Verse Creative Journal Set is a perfect match for me. Both books are about 5x7" and can tuck easily into your purse. I personally carry my copy in my Fauxdori. It's nice to have something to doodle in while waiting or riding in a car.

The content is fabulous. The overall design is to help you choose a life verse. I have no idea if at the end I'll have solidified that concept for myself but I sure am enjoying doodling the different verses that are featured. I enjoy Bible Art Journaling and this little journal has sparked some new ideas for me. I find that by focusing on a particular verse and coloring the artwork I pretty much have the verse memorized by the time I finish the page. That is a wonderful bonus for me!

If you have someone that loves to doodle or is into Bible Art Journaling, this set would make a wonderful gift. I also think it would make a wonderful gift to yourself. I know I'm enjoying my set.

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