Silence In The Dark (Logan Point #4) by Patricia Bradley | Romantic Suspense Review

Logan Point #4
Romantic Suspense


When Bailey Adams left Logan Point two years ago she thought she was getting away from her problems. Running into her ex-fiancé Danny Maxwell was not part of the plan--neither was being chased through the city by the local drug cartel, the Calatrava. Now despite her best efforts, Danny is her only chance of escaping the people chasing her and getting back to Logan Point safely. Can Bailey find the strength to face what's coming? And in the midst of the chaos, can she keep herself from falling in love with her rescuer all over again?

With lean, fast-paced prose that will keep you turning the pages, Patricia Bradley pens a superb story of suspense and second chances.


My Thoughts

Patricia Bradley ended the Logan Point series with a bang! I've enjoyed watching each of the characters develop and move on with their lives and I've also eagerly anticipating each of the new characters in the following novels. Each story has had it's own unique story line but there has been a thread that was woven through each story.

Silence In The Dark begins in Mexico where Bailey Adams is serving as a missionary. By chance Bailey stumbles upon the local drug cartel and that leads to some very intense survival scenes. I was drawn even further into the unfolding drama by the selfless acts of strangers. We're reminded that sometimes it's important to reach beyond yourself and make a difference in someone's life, even if you don't know them. 

I refuse to give away an ending, but I will say this, you will be blown away with the beauty of a second chance. When I closed the cover I had a smile on my face. In the end we're reminded that circumstances may seem dire but there is always hope because God is on His throne.

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