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Disney Pixar Finding Dory Bubble Science

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Ages: 4-8 (with adult supervision)
Children's Science Experiments

Explore the world of science with seven bouncy experiments inspired by your favorite Disney Pixar Finding Dory characters! Follow the easy, step-by-step instructions to blow a bubble inside a bubble, create towering bubble sculptures, juggle a bubble and more!

Playing with Finding Dory Bubble Science.
My Thoughts

As a grandmother I perfer to get my grandkids gifts that expand their knowledge and imagination while still providing entertainment. Disney's Imagicademy products strike that balance so I have invested in several different products.

This time I chose Disney Pixar Finding Dory Bubble Science. It is designed for 4-8 year olds, but quite honestly we were all enamored with the different experiments. It was fun to gather around the table and try out the various activities listed in the guide book. We also enjoyed letting the kids experiment on their own. 

The whole thing was fun but I really appreciated how you can explain the experiment, let the child do the experiment, and then have them explain the results. It a much better way to help them retain what they are learning. Reading items in a book is great but getting to actually experience the activity is so much better.

I recommend this product to families that have younger children, especially those that homeschool. This would be a great indoor activity to fill those long indoor winter days.

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