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Star Wars Eye Found It! Hidden Picture Game

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Hidden Picture Game
2-4 Players
Ages: 6+

Blast off on a location-hopping adventure through the Star Wars galaxy, from Tatooine and the Death Star, to Jakku and more! Search the galaxy for over a thousand characters, starships, Droids, and artifacts in a quest to find R2-D2!

It's as easy to play as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . .
  1. Fly from planet to planet.
  2. Search for hidden objects.
  3. Find the most to win!
Star Wars Eye Found It! game pieces.

My Thoughts

If you are Star Wars nerds like our family you are going to love this game. We played it with three of us and the youngest was 8. With a thousand things to find this game is challenging yet easy to learn. We've now played it several times and I assumed that the fun would wear off . . . nope!

Even though the objects to be found stay in the same location the player that needs to find them changes. It really does become a memory game of trying to remember where you saw that particular object during the last round. The eight-year-old cackled gleefully when he knew where the object was but the adults didn't. 

I anticipate that this will be a game that we enjoy pulling out of the closet every few months to enjoy again and again. There are small pieces so I would be careful around little ones. It is definitely a fun game to enjoy with the kids.

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