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The Pattern Artist by Nancy Moser

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Historical Fiction


Born into a life of hard work, English housemaid Annie Wood arrives in New York City in 1911 with her wealthy mistress. Wide-eyed with the possibilities America has to offer, Annie wonders if there's more for her than a life of service.

Annie chooses to risk everything, taps into courage she never knew she had, and goes off on her own, finding employment in the sewing department at Macy's department store. While at Macy's Annie catches the eye of a salesman at the Butterick Pattern Company. Through determination, hard work, and God's leading, Annie discovers a hidden gift: she is a talented fashion designer--a pattern artist of the highest degree.

As she runs from ghosts of the past and focuses on the future, Annie enters a creative world that takes her to the fashion houses of Paris and into a life of adventure, purpose, and love.

My Thoughts

It has been a couple of years since I read a novel by Nancy Moser and in that time I had forgotten just how compelling her stories could be. The Pattern Artist is about a young housemaid with a talent for sewing and designing outfits. Annie has aspirations of becoming a ladies maid because of that talent but soon finds those hopes dashed by deceit.

Annie comes from very humble beginnings and wants nothing to do with that sort of thing again. Her parents and their negativity about everything has left a bad taste and she is determined to have a different life. Annie is a pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps type of person. Unfortunately she feels as if it's all up to her and that leads to some very selfish behavior, the exact thing she was trying to eschew.

The Pattern Artist is a delightful story of man (Annie and the others) making their plans but ultimately God guiding their steps. It is a story filled with dire circumstances and Divine intervention. I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading more from Nancy. 

If you like to read historical fiction with a twist of intrigue and romance then this book would suit you. If you are part of a book club that enjoys this genre this would be a wonderful addition. There are discussion questions included in the back that will help facilitate your discussions.

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