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NIrV May The Faith Be With You Holy Bible

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New International Readers Version Bible (ages 8+)

Life in the Spirit isn’t about cushioned pews and easy living—it’s about adventure, risk, daring, and the pursuit of wisdom. It’s about letting the awesome power of God work through you to do things you never thought possible.

In this brand-new full-text Bible, you’ll learn the highest, truest, and most rewarding way to a life of wisdom, apprenticing with the Ultimate Master himself—Jesus Christ.

Features include:
  • 24 full-color pages of content on the marvel of God’s creation and the meaning of faith
  • Vibrant outer space imagery
  • Compelling, metallic-embellished cover
  • The complete text of the New International Reader's Version (NIrV) of the Bible
Inside graphic - Creation.

My Thoughts

We fell in love with the May The Faith Be With You Devotional a couple of years ago. When the corresponding NIrV May The Faith Be With You Holy Bible became available this year I knew our boys needed it. They are all about space and science so this is a good fit for them.

I appreciate the NIrV translation because it is a third grade reading level which makes it easy for our oldest to read on his own and aloud to his brothers. Being able to read for himself gives him a sense of pride in accomplishment, frees me up, and gets them all in the word so that is a big bonus for our entire family. The inserts that explore creation and and other space and science type of things are a wonderful bonus. The illustrations are interesting to the boys so that means they are more likely to pick it up more often. That is a win to me!

This particular Bible would appeal to many, especially if they are space/science types. I think it would even work for older kids that are needing an easier reading level or English As A Second Language students. The content isn't babyish at all so it would work well.

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