A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions That Meet You In Your Everyday Mess from the (in)courage community | Christian Life Review

A Moment to Breathe: 365 Devotions That Meet You In Your Everyday Mess from the (in)courage community

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(in)courage community
Christian Life / Women's Issues

When the rush of regular life leaves you breathless by day’s end, this collection of everyday stories becomes the place where you can come as you are, and find yourself among friends. Friends who have been there. Friends who’ll lean in close and say, “Me too!” Through our stories the bonds of friendship deepen as we listen to each other, laugh with each other, and learn from each other. Because we’re better when we’re living this one beautiful life together.

With stories from 80 writers, these pages become the very place your soul can exhale, where you can:

· Connect with the hearts of women through stories that echo your own.
· Find beauty in the ordinary and sometimes messy moments of your everyday life.
· See your own stories as an offering of hope to those around you.
· Treasure the unseen ways God moves through even your most regular days.

With 365 readings, each day begins with a passage of Scripture, tells a story of everyday faith, and encourages you to take a moment to breathe with a simple but fun way to complete your day. So kick off your shoes and join us for a relaxing but special time, where friends come together and share the real stuff of everyday faith.

My Thoughts

I've said before that I'm not really a short daily devotional fan. I tend to prefer a more in-depth morning Bible study. But I'm always encouraged by the (in)courage community so I just couldn't resist taking a look at this new book.

The set up is simple. There's a short Scripture reading followed by an applicable story from one of the many (in)courage writers. Then it ends with a section called A Moment to Breathe. 

I've read through most of the readings and have enjoyed them. The women that contributed to this project shared from their hearts and their normal everyday lives. The stories could have been written by any one of us and that's part of the beauty of it. We all have more in common than not and it was nice to read about fellow sojourners and how they were able to face what was in front of them with grace while following Christ.

My favorite part was the ending section. Each day gave simple ways to put into action the core concept of the reading. When I say simple I mean simple. You don't need to run to the store for ingredients or supplies you just need to implement in small ways what you've just read.

This was an encouraging book for me personally but I also think it would be a nice gift for a young mother or a sweet woman that's going through a hard patch. The book itself is beautiful. It's a hardback but has a cloth-like cover and a ribbon to mark your place. I think I'm going to have to pick up a couple more to give as gifts.

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