Book Review & Giveaway ~ Ever After by Vicki Courtney

Back of the book:

Most women dream about having a family and building a home. We grow up on a steady diet of fairy tales and chick flicks that drive our dreams—and leave us with a sugarcoated version of reality. We want it all: the prince, the kiss, the proposal, the ring, the castle, and eventually, the kids in smocked rompers playing cheerfully on the perfectly manicured lawn. Our hopes and dreams are pinned on the world’s version of happily-ever-after.

The problem is, fairy tales and chick flicks end where real life begins. We never see that follow-up scene where the prince and princess argue at 3 a.m. over who will get up with the colicky newborn. Or the princess reluctantly returns to work to help pay the bills and feels the stress of juggling work and family. And you certainly won’t see that part where the princess moves her last child into the dorm and realizes the bulk of her identity has been based on being a mother.

In Ever After, best-selling author Vicki Courtney addresses the realities of marriage and motherhood, the difficulties and the blessings. She offers women a behind the scenes glimpse of what a fairy tale really looks like on the average day for the average wife and mom. Poignant, funny, and even cathartic, Vicki shares mistakes made, lessons learned, and memories to keep. Most of all, she reflects the hope that Christ meets us wherever we are in the journey, and that He alone is the answer to the happily-ever-after we long for.

My thoughts:

I really wish I could just read aloud to you the introduction of this book. After hearing it I’m pretty confident you would say, “Give me that, I need to read it for myself”.  If you've ever had the privilege of hearing Vicki speak and enjoyed it you are definitely going to delight in reading this book. Her witty yet wise voice comes through in her writing.

Each chapter addresses one of our fairy tale notions and walks us through what the reality is and should be. Don’t get me wrong this isn't a preachy you’re doing it all wrong type of book. How could it be with chapters that include: P-31 Flunkie, Great Sexpectations, Prince Charming Letdown and Fine Whines: Aged to Perfection.

This book is designed with every woman in mind. It is for the single woman who is looking for her prince charming. It is for the young married woman who can’t believe her prince is looking like a frog. It is for all those mommas out there just trying to keep the moat around the castle clean. And it is also for the woman who is looking back and ahead at the same time.

Since I couldn't read you the beginning let me at least leave you with a quote from the ending:
“No fairy tale can match the rescue mission that took place in God’s story. ‘But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us’ (Rom. 5:8 ESV). Our Prince awaits. Ever after begins today.”

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  1. As a newlywed, I tried to surprise my husband with a chicken dinner after work. I picked a new recipe that included vinegar, which was a horrible idea... My husband took one bite, made an awful face, and when I walked out of the room to grab our drinks, I heard him on his phone, calling to order a pizza for dinner instead.

    1. Oh yes! I have done that same thing. It seems to worse now that Pinterest have been invented! LOL

  2. I nursed my daughter until about 8 months old even though I returned to work. I had someone walk in on me while I was pumping at work and they just started up a conversation. I'm like - really?? Get out!!!

  3. One night at dinner my 2 year old told me to put his food in the cave. Cave = Microwave. It cracked me up.

  4. Funny wife story: Right after my husband and I got married, I told him that he did not have to get me anything for Valentine's Day. Well, he didn't! After he realized how upset I was, he went to the store and got 4 boxes of marked down chocolate. Better than nothing and we both learned our lesson.

  5. After my daughter was born, my husband and I changed the first diaper like it was a ticking time bomb. We were talking each other through each move. The nurse in the room was chuckling.

  6. Well I am not a wife yet but when my boyfriend and I first started dating I was going to spend the night at his place. I asked him if he wanted me to bring any food to cook later. Well apparently he did not hear the last part of the sentence and said yes. I show up with a box of Spaghetti and now he tells everyone that I tried to feed him uncooked Spaghetti. I hate when he tells that story.

  7. When my son was 2 and I was potty training him, we went to a plumbing supply store to look for a new faucet. I turned my back for a moment and he was peeing in a floor model toilet PRICELESS

  8. Funniest wife story... Telling everyone to show up for a wedding in a park, just to have everyone dress up. I wore cut off stringy blue jean shorts and a T-shirt. I NEVER told anyone to dress up LOL.

  9. The wife likes to go running in a bikini but I am chastised for jogging in pajama bottoms?!?

  10. My funniest mom moment is my toddler asking to play laundry or dishwasher hahaha.
    I love that she thinks that's fun, fine with me.


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